The Search Box

The Search box allows you to search the unique references of the burial records.  To carry out a search, enter your search text in the box and then click the submit button.  You can use the Search box to search for names and dates in a number of ways as follows:

  • Search for a surname – for example searching for Brown will find all records relating to people with the surname Brown
  • Search for a partial surname – for example entering right will find all records relating to people with surnames such as Wright, Arkwright.  This can be useful if you are unsure of the spelling of a particular name
  • Search by date – enter a date in the format 01/02/1903. Note that the dates in these records are the date the person was buried, not the date of death


Please remember that these records have been transcribed from hand-written records and the spelling of names was not always clear.  In addition there may have been a mistake made when the original entry was written. Consequently some names may have been entered incorrectly.  If you are struggling to find records for a particular name it is worth entering just part of the name – and this does not have to be the first part.

For example if the name Bolton has been entered in error as Rolton then a search for Bolton may not find it.  However searching for olt will find the name Rolton.

If you do find any incorrect spellings, please report these in the Comments section of the relevant record.  This will enable us to correct the information.

The Search box is not case-sensitive.

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