Using the Archives

You can choose to view all of the burial records for a particular month.  Clicking in the Select Month box will bring up a list of months and years.  These are those months in each year for which there is at least one recorded burial.   Scroll through the list and select the month that you are interested in.

The number in parentheses shows how many records there are in total for that month.  The list is in date order, with the newest dates first.

There are some instances where only the year in which the person was buried is on record.  These records will appear in the January month of the appropriate year (i.e. as if they had been buried on the 1st of January).  Similarly if only the month and year in which the person was buried is on record, they will appear as if they have been buried on the 1st day of that month).

Please remember that these records have been transcribed from hand-written records and dates were not always clear.  In addition there may have been a mistake made when the original entry was written.  Consequently some dates may have been entered incorrectly.

If you are confident that a burial date is incorrect, please report this in the Comments section of the relevant record.  This will enable us to correct the information.

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