Most of the records in this website have one or more forenames recorded.  These have been recorded as written – for example Bert will have entered as Bert even though the actual forename may well have been Albert.

There are instances of infant death and stillbirth where no forename was recorded.  In these instances the individual’s record will state (no name given).

People are often known by a forename that is not their first forename.  For example someone given the forenames Mary Louise may have always been known as Louise.

Many forenames are subject to abbreviations or even become nicknames – Dick for Richard, or Peggy for Margaret for example.

Don’t ignore a record as a possible answer to your search just because the forename is not what you expect!

If you do find any incorrect spellings, or alternative names, please report these in the Comments section of the relevant record.  This will enable us to correct the information.

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